Thursday, May 8, 2014

2013 Christmas Calendar Project

As stated in the picture above, this was a project I decided to do in part as a present, but in part an exercise to stretch my creativity. I copied the styles of eleven of my favorite artists, came up with my own design, and tried to fit a sort of theme for each month. I've been on a 'journey' you could say, trying to find my own style, and I've found that I love vintage inspired art, simple color schemes (usually =)) and lots of contrast. All in all it was a fun project!

I think April ended up being my favorite month!

There you have it! Have a great rest of your year!

Please do not copy or use any art on this site without written permission from me. Thanks!

Scout Shadow Box Lid

Possibly the most nerve-wracking piece I've ever done, this is a shadow box lid I did for a gentleman who has a passion for scouts and wanted to showcase his collection of vintage scout manuals. The project took me several weeks as there were several layers and drying was somewhat difficult and had to be done in a very careful manner. Also because I opted to use a felt-tipped pen for some of the black detailing (it could NOT be done with a brush...too small), and when I went to seal it the ink loved to smear. So, lots of re-dos. But I think it turned out all right. Comments welcome =)