Thursday, October 25, 2012


Check out my previous post on the mural I did to see the added final photos of the Outer wall.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 part 3

In case you are still interested and not simply scrolling down to the big mural I just did, here is what I've been working on in between times:

Sorry if the picture is a bit dim. Again, I forgot to take pictures, so this is at 10:40 at night =). Click to see bigger. Anyway, this was a picture I did for my son's 3rd birthday. I wanted to 'decorate' his room, too, and he has lots of wall space. So, I put in a lot of the things he loves, and as you can see that includes lots of vehicular transportation and some critters, too. His main 'thing' he wanted in this was a Yeti. Funny guy.

And I really wanted some more artwork in the rest of the house, so my hubby allowed me to paint over one of his class assignments from ages ago. This is in the style of another artist I love, Lulie Wallace who sells some of her work at Anthropologie. Hers, of course, is made from much finer quality paint, but I do what I gotta do. I still think I might go back and add a few touches of more vibrant color here and there.

Next up, a picture for my lovely Sister-in-law, and some illustrations for my Dad. And you thought I was done for the year! HA!

2012 Part 2

Here is the my biggest project of 2012. This is a mural I did for my neighbors, ironically enough AFTER I moved to a new town. Such a cute house! This was for their playroom which consisted of this outer wall and then three smaller rooms within.

The artwork is very obviously inspired by Kate Hindley. (Her Blog here). She was an artist whom I had just heard about and fell completely in love with at first sight. Her artwork is very cute, the colors wonderful, and the home owner loved the artwork as well. Obviously I had to change things up a bit, but it is very close to what we found on her blog and in her book. These are all beginning shots as well as some sketches I worked from...

And here is the final product...

Okay, so like an idiot, I forgot to take pictures of the final outer wall, the big burrito, so I will go back and do that post haste. But there you go, and since I always get asked I will say right now that it took me 51 hours to complete (not including prep time: sketching or planning). I loved working on this project. It's nice to do a piece that I love as much as the person I'm doing it for. Takes all the guess work out.


Here are the final pictures of the outer wall. My husband was nice enough to go back and take them for me while I had a cold.

2012 projects completed

I will separate these posts, but here is the beginning of my 2012 finished projects. It's been a long time coming, such a long year with lots of health issues, but I'm finally back in the game.

These first are just some fun cards that I did for family members. My own design, no copying this time. I think I've fallen away from that habit. Now onto my own style.

This first was for my sister-in-law...
 ...And this second was for my hubby.

Just a sample of what I have been doing card-wise.

This next project is inspired by The Land of Nod. They are one of my favorite stores now. Check them out here. They have some super cute lanterns. I made my own design on some lanterns I had that have been sitting around for ages, waiting for me to decide what to do with them. And being in a rental home and being limited as far as decorating (or at least, in my case, not being able to paint murals like I normally do), this is what I decided to do for my girls room to add some interest.


And finally, here is another card, a Thank You to my wonderfully sweet cousin who is always giving me amazing jewelry. Check her out <--here and here, she is amazing!