Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Illustration Friday: Heights

Well, let's just say that this girl loves heights. Aparently she found the cliff so alluring that she left the prince at the ball just to go see what was over the edge. All that formality got to her, I think.

Anyway, sorry this is more of a sketch this time. I barely got it done, and didn't even finish a picture for last weeks topic (I had a good idea and everything!). The pictures I spend the most time on look the worst. This picture took me all of about two minutes and it made the cut. So, there you go. simplicity is best. And I didn't want to muddy it up with a lot of color--becuase I tend to get carried away in that arena as well--so I opted for a two color scheme.

I'm sure I will one day look back on this time of life and shake my head.

What was I thinking?

Friday, April 6, 2012

And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon...

Here is a picture I did for my cousin as one of her baby shower gifts from moi. I forgot to take a picture and she graciously sent me a copy. I took pictures of it in the works (which I will also include below), but must have been distracted when I finished.

This is my version of the cow jumping over the moon. I know most artists actually have the cow going over the moon, but I thought it made more sense that the cow THINK she is jumping over it, but in reality only jumping over the reflection. Deep, I know =). And you might not know this to look at it (or maybe you would), but I really struggled with that little dog. Boy, was he trying my patience. The cat, I actually found a picture of someone's cat standing on its hind legs, so that wasn't too tough. And I was never good at drawing cows, or horses for that matter. You wouldn't think it would be that difficult, given the fact that I spent the first thirteen years of my life on a farm. But all in all, I was pleased with the way this turned out. Otherwise it would have seen the trash bin and not a fluffy pink package wrapped for the giving.

So, there you have it. While the Farmer is sound asleep in bed, he is blissfully unaware that his animals and dishes are throwing a party, celebrating the secret love affair and ultimate elopement of the dish and spoon. The cow is the most giddy of them all, and the little doggy is laughing hysterically at the spectacle she is making of herself. The cat, really, is just happy he has an audience to play his music for. And the trees, well, have no idea...

Vocal: Illustration Friday

At first when I heard the prompt : vocal, I had a picture of a cat in mind yowling at the moon, with a tree beside it 'plugging' its ears. Well, I did that one and messed it up, so started working on a different one =). This lady is obviously vocal. I imagine that when she is not on stage, she is still as loud. Again, my scanner is not my friend. Sorry about the quality.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Illustration Friday

Here is my submission for Illustration Friday. Possibly not my best work, but I'm trying it out nonetheless =)

Close-up of girl. I modeled her after my own girls and what they wish they could come home with after going on a vacation.

Lady with flower

This was a quick-o sketch I did while watching LDS Conference. She is surrounded by impressive architecture, and yet she would rather 'smell the roses'. Again, just playing around with style and color. Still haven't reached my peak. Feel free to give harsh, constructive criticism.

(and yes, I realize her legs are too short =). I usually don't follow the rule, start with the head and hope it all works out...which it didn't in this case. But like the picture says, she is no beauty, so I like to think that her legs are disproportionate in real life.)

Girl on the lawn

These next few posts will be me trying to turn this into an actual art blog instead of just my portfolio. I realize, as I look at professional artists, that I'm only halfway there, and in all reality I wasn't planning on making this a weekly thing, but perhaps I'll give it a go and try to balance my writing blog and art blog all at once. (Wow, talk about run-on sentences. My writing blog would blush).

Anywho, this here is just a practice sketch I did a while back. Trying out a different style.

PS. Sorry about the quality of the picture. I had to use my camera to first photograph it and then load it onto my computer because my scanner isn't working for me.

The Monster Book completed

I can't  believe it took me so long to post this. But here it is, finally, for all to see. The Finished Monster Book:
PS. Sorry about the Smilebox slideshow. I'm not liking the fact that you have to click on it and then it opens up a new tab. LAME! We'll see if we can't find a new way to post.

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