Thursday, January 20, 2011

Healthcare Compliance Pros (HCP) Photo Shoot

This past week or so I have been working on a special project for my husband and the new business he and couple others are starting, called Healthcare Compiance Pros. We thought, to save money, we would do the photos ourselves, thus saving the company a few thousand dollars a year using someone elses' photos. This is what we came up with. (Note: These pictures are not to be used, they are under copyright.)

Now, I am not the greatest photographer, but with the help of Photoscape these really turned out quite a bit better than expected. Photography is something I have always been interested in and alwasy meant to learn how to do and I still hope to someday have a more practical learning experience. For now, however, what we ended up doing, my husband coordinating/overseeing everything and me photographing our volunteer models and editing, was use some pictures Bryan found online and then copied the poses. We also added some of our own of random shots I took around the office. Actually I tried to take out all the photos Bryan took (he did take a few), because even though I edited them I can't really take credit for them, can I? =) But it looks like one of his slipped in, the one of the drawer filled with doctorly stuff.

This has given me a great idea, though. From now on I plan on editing all the photos I take and maybe I will then be able to get some really great framable ones of the kids. (And do it whilst I still have my husband's dad's super nice camera =).


M.M.E. said...

Great job with the photographs! They look very professional and will be such a great touch to the website. said...

Thanks 4 this work miss