Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 part 3

In case you are still interested and not simply scrolling down to the big mural I just did, here is what I've been working on in between times:

Sorry if the picture is a bit dim. Again, I forgot to take pictures, so this is at 10:40 at night =). Click to see bigger. Anyway, this was a picture I did for my son's 3rd birthday. I wanted to 'decorate' his room, too, and he has lots of wall space. So, I put in a lot of the things he loves, and as you can see that includes lots of vehicular transportation and some critters, too. His main 'thing' he wanted in this was a Yeti. Funny guy.

And I really wanted some more artwork in the rest of the house, so my hubby allowed me to paint over one of his class assignments from ages ago. This is in the style of another artist I love, Lulie Wallace who sells some of her work at Anthropologie. Hers, of course, is made from much finer quality paint, but I do what I gotta do. I still think I might go back and add a few touches of more vibrant color here and there.

Next up, a picture for my lovely Sister-in-law, and some illustrations for my Dad. And you thought I was done for the year! HA!


Heather Toone said...

Wow I LOVE that first picture! That style is exactly what I would want too :)

Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

The Yeti one? =)You are a sweetie Heather!

Heather Toone said...

Yes :) The Yeti one!