Thursday, July 15, 2010


Aparently in 2005 I was to nauseated to do anything =). I was getting ready to have a baby and gearing up to do my first ever murals for my daughters' rooms. Here I am starting on the first wall of the 'Cinderella Room' for Kate. That wall ended up being my favorite of all the walls in that room. I took the pictures directly from one of my girls' books and just switched things up a bit, especially on the last wall where I took elements from different pictures.

Here is a look of the other wall I was doing at the time. It was taken from the 'Ball' scene of the book, obviously I decided to leave out all the dancers...maybe next time I will be brave and put them in =). To the left in the same picture you see the sketch I made of the third wall. I'm not sure what happened to the picture I took of that wall completed, but I will try to put in the best pics I have of it.


Sorry about the glare on this one. It isn't completed in this picture. The railing on this picture caused me quite a bit of greif. Partly due to the fact that I was new at murals. I still love that doorway and couch, however. Kate used to sit and stare up at it, trying to find a way through the door. (I had her changing table right beneath it).

Here is the second wall, a little more completed.

I promise I was the painting this. Emma only helped a little bit =).

Here is a (not-so-good) picture of the finished second wall. Amazing the effect you can get with paint and inexpensive netting from Wally-world.

A better look. And if you are wondering why there is an ottoman in the middle of the room: I promise it goes with a hidden rocking chair...and no, it doens't really match, but oh well.

There you have it. A complete picture. My husband keeps getting after me for not taking a final picture BEFORE I decorated. But I couldn't help myself. I am also a decorator and like to see the end result.

Well, there you have it. That was all I could muster for one year. Let's see what happens next, shall we?

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Heather Toone said...

Wow Kathryn I had now idea you were so creative. This is amazing. I love your dolls too.