Thursday, July 15, 2010


Not sure where the pics are of the 'making of' process. But here you can see the end result of the first wall I did in Emma's room. I call it the Paris/Shopper wall. I took this from some artwork I found online (I will have to find the name of the artist). I actually changed it up, like all the others, making it look how I wanted by taking elements from different pictures, lengthening the girl's hair, changing the dog, etc. I wanted this room to be all pink. And don't you just love that touch of black?

I love this one. I always wanted to do a Dr. Seuss room and then I found out I was having a second girl and didn't think I could pull it off without it becomming to 'boyish'. But then I found this picture that was totally girly and had to do it. It fits in with the shopping girl/Paris theme quite nicely. We could entitle this room 'All Things Girly' and be just fine. Anyway, again, I changed it up, left things out, changed the shape to fit the wall. I sort of wish I could do this one again, even though I am one never to repeat if I can help it. I love how the hair turned out. You just can't go wrong with Dr. Seuss.

Here are some other views of the wall... just to see how they all match up.

I was originally thinking of adding the words that went with this page on the right there, but ran out of steam.

I just had to add this one. It's fondant for the my husband's b-day cake. This was supposed to be a topper for the cake, and then, well, I was too scared to pick it up and place it on for fear it would break. Yeah. I'm not a very skilled fondant worker =) Something else to improve, right?

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