Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some more doodles

Here is a peak inside my sketch book, since I always love to see what other artists have in their's. Above-Right, I think I was watching the office and this came out. I am going through my 'ugly' phase, trying to get out of the habit of just drawing proportionately correct people. Also working on designs.

Just being silly on this day....

Above is my attempt to be just a little like Edmund Dulac.
I started this sketch not really knowing where I was going, but trying not to be proportionate once again, this time with furniture.

Here again is an example of what happens when I don't have a plan and am just doodling. I'm not good at coming up with gadgets, however. But a good exercise nonetheless.
I can't remember what artist's work I was looking at that inspired this doodle. 

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Heather Toone said...

I love the door picture- with the boy!